Introduction & Some Biography

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Biographical

I feel like I should start things off with an introduction and statement of purpose for this blog, so that my readers will know I little about me and about my intents for this site.

I am a white woman in my late 20s. I am married and a stay at home mother at this time, and I have been a White Nationalist since I was a teenager. I have a college education and have worked in the sales, real estate, and corrections (prison) industries before choosing to stay at home with my son. I feel like my life and education are best used now to raise my child and any future children we may have, and to homeschool and teach racial and cultural awareness rather than relying on multicultural daycare centers and public schools full of government propaganda.

I grew up in a town and school system surrounded by blacks, and with a mestizo population that was already growing in the early 90s, but was taught to stick to my own kind and not to date or form close friendships with other races. What I saw from being forced to live and go to school among them made me agree with this. I began learning about the Jewish influence on society in my early teens, through a combination of research on the internet, reading and research, and simply observing the world around me and those in control of the media, banking, and shaping of public opinion.

Seeing the racial problems with the world around me, I have spent most of my life trying to wake other white people up and to change our situation. I became a skinhead at the age of 14, and was active in a few “crews” but frustrated with the lack of direction among even most racially aware white teenagers, and at the fact that my age kept me from joining most broader white nationalist groups and the major skinhead groups that seemed to be making an impact at that time. I spent a lot of time on WN websites and forums, and traveled to events when I could, once I got my driver’s license. I joined the National Alliance as soon as I turned 18, and remained a member until 2003, by which time factionalism had made the group less than a shell of its former self. For a time, I was a member of a local Klan group, because they were doing positive things locally and my husband and father had both been members, but that too was torn apart by infighting and greed. I have been involved in a few other minor groups, but seen the same patterns repeat so often that I am cautious of joining anything anymore.

I am, first and foremost, a white racialist. I believe that even nature itself shows that the white race is the most creative and civilized of the races, and that western civilization, western philosophy, and even historic Christianity are the legacy of the white race. I am also a Christian and, while I don’t think it’s proper for a woman to teach or preach doctrine, I do believe that Christianity is a white religion, spread by the white man and one of the underpinnings of white civilization until the modern corruptions of dispensation, Zionism, and universalism were allowed to spread throughout the church. Whether you believe that the white race are the physical descendants of Israel, or the spiritual Israel of the New Covenant, it is abundantly clear that the marks of Israel and election of God are evident in our people’s culture and history, and not in that of the “Jews” or the modern day middle eastern state of “Israel”.  All of my other views and beliefs can be best explained as “filtered” through these first two.

My husband and I put on cookouts for several years as an attempt to unify and help promote networking between the various pro-white groups in our state. There were varying levels of success with this. Some went great and we had over 100 people at a few but, over time, certain groups seemed to think they could control who was and was not welcome, and the same factionalism that afflicts other parts of our movement began to cause problems. After 10 years, attendance has dwindled down to only around 30 people per event, and my husband and I have had to cut back from quarterly events to yearly or biannually because we were not financially able to do them as often as before on only one income and with attendance and voluntary donations no longer even covering the facility rental, much less the cost of food and supplies.

I am still doing what I can to support other white activists and to attend those events that I can, but am somewhat limited by the logistics of travel now (my husband works a lot of overtime on weekends, and we are not comfortable with me attending public events and protest alone now that I will have our child with me, plus the expenses of gas and motel rooms are more of an impact with a family of three on one income). Since the internet was a part of my awakening, and an invaluable tool in educating myself, it makes sense for me to use it as a tool to network and to educate others. There are not very many white nationalist blogs that I know of, and even fewer written by women, so I hope to add my voice to help reach other whites, and especially white women who may not see much of a female presence among WNs because so many of us are either less outspoken or simply too busy with the demands of family and/or career to spend much time online.

(I will be uploading a few posts from a previous blog of mine as well, these will have dates spanning from 2005-2007, when they were originally written).

  1. I put your blog link on my list of interesting links. I am just beginning to explore the racial dimension of life and at this point have more questions than answers, but I enjoy many of the points you bring up and look forward to continue reading you. Good luck with your journey.


  2. Thanks. If there’s anything I can help you with, just ask. I’m a storehouse of random useless information, lol. 🙂

  3. Flanders says:

    When you get the opportunity, AWF, you are needed back online. I miss your posts – and the need’s still there. Take care of your family first, but know that you are missed.

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