The Will To Fight

Posted: July 24, 2010 in The "Movement"

One of the saddest things about the white race today is that we apparently have lost our will to fight. White men and women are being murdered, raped, robbed, and insulted daily, and allowed to get away with it. Even when anti-racist scum attacks White Nationalists, they know there will most likely be no retribution. Even a few generations ago, white people would not stand for insults like this, and non-whites who attacked white women would meet justice either from the law or outside of it. Today, when criminals are arrested, the victims’ families, who should be the first to demand justice and protect their honor, are often seen in the media apologizing to murderers and rapists and clamoring for forgiveness and light sentences. White people no longer have any sense of defending the honor of themselves or their family, or of Lex Talionis, the law of retribution.

Part of the problem is that our people are removed from nature, and no longer acknowledge that struggle and even violence are natural parts of life. Most of us have been raised in a socialist-designed public school system where children are herded like sheep from one room to another and the highest praise is reserved for those who obey what they’re told, remain quiet, and get along with everyone. Those who don’t are punished or labeled ADHD and drugged into complacency. We go from this into jobs or even military units where teamwork and cooperation are valued above everything else, including ability and morality. By making “getting along” the new virtue in everything, we’ve allowed ourselves to be pushed into a collectivist society where most people don’t see anything “worth fighting for” anymore.

With white men, the media pushes the image of the “team player” at work and the “sensitive guy” in relationships, and the impression is that it’s better to go along with everyone else and be a success than to go against the grain and fight for what’s right. First, they tried to channel all “male aggression” into sports, then they integrated sports and kept putting black athletes up on pedestals, trying to give the impression that they were automatically better than whites. Now, nonwhites are encouraged to “fight” through sports, gangss, “street culture”, etc, while whites are portrayed as a joke when they try to do the same. A man who wants to fight in the traditional sense, as a warrior, or to uphold what is right, is told that he is evil or cruel, or is an idealist fighting for a cause that he will never win or, conversely, is sucked into a war as a government soldier fighting against his own racial interest in the service of his enemies. The problem is that most men buy into this because a trophy wife, a 6-figure income, and a few sports cars and other “toys” does seem more attractive than fighting a losing battle or going to war for a country which does not appreciate its own people. To regain a will to fight, people need to have a clear sense of something worth fighting for.

They’ve also tried to steal this same spirit from women. While I doubt most of us grew up playing with guns and soldiers, women used to know that there was something worth fighting for. We were prepared to stand up for what was right in our own homes and, if not fight ourselves, to support our husbands and sons as they went to fight. This was shown in WWII, both in America and Germany, where women supported the war effort and kept the country running while the men were fighting and taught their children that it was an honor to be a soldier for a noble cause, and in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the Indian Wars, where women also prepared to defend their own homes and children in case of attack while their husbands were away. Beginning in the 1950s, this started changing; women were taught to “smile pretty and act nice”, and not to hold very strong opinions. This led to submissiveness, pacifism, political correctness, and general weakness and willingness to compromise becoming identified as “feminine” traits. While those attitudes might have been charming to a future spouse, it brought about a future where children were not taught strong values or independence and where men could not rely on their wives support in times of struggle.

To get back our will to fight, we need to start there, and take back our families. If our children are raised by strong fathers who show then that it’s ok to fight for a good cause, and teach them to shoot and to defend themselves, and by strong mothers who teach them the values that are worth fighting for and have pride in those who will fight, then we don’t have to worry so much about them being raised and brainwashed by the media or public “education”. This won’t happen if the media can keep getting men to blame “feminism” for their own weaknesses or getting women to blame “the patriarchy” for theirs, but if both will come together it will work. We just need to rebuild our race so that it is strong enough to withstand “pop culture” and media brainwashing, and the only way that I see to do this is to start by building strong white families, since family is the backbone of all other social and cultural institutions.

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  2. Andrew says:

    You are correct with everything that you write here. The media, entertainment industry and educational system which, under Jewish domination, have in a sense “neutered” whites into submission. We, who have been triumphant for thousands of years, in so many ways have indeed lost the will to fight. However, all is not lost. I have woken up, others can too. Others will. Stormfront lead me here. Wake up, white people!

  3. PK says:

    This is my first time visiting your site but I was struck by your adherence to the idea of being a Christian. The concept of “fighting” seems so counter to what Christ’s life was about, I’m curious how you rectify a somewhat militant stance towards the rest of the world with Christ’s outlook on life.

    • I look at the Bible as a whole. The Old Testament is a book of warfare, and many of the great leaders and kings were distinguished in battle for their people and territory. By the time of Christ, the tribes of Israel were so scattered that His main mission was to draw His people back together, and to Redeem them. He could not have been a militant leader, because He would not have sacrificed His people in battle, and a military victory would not have allowed Him to sacrifice Himself for our Redemption. When He returns, then he will be leading us into the final battle, but the time in the New Testament was not when that was meant to be, and it would have resulted in the Kingdom being gathered with many of its branches still missing.

      As far as everyday life goes, I see the teachings of Christ as saying that we should not fight and cause strife among out own people or for our own selfish goals and reasons. However, His teachings cannot conflict with the God of the Old Testament, who makes it clear that His people are to defend themselves and not to be destroyed by outsiders and false beliefs. I believe that we need to prepare for a time when we may have to fight to preserve our nations and our religious heritage, just as the ancient Israelites were forced to. Christ was nonviolent in that he did not even resist those sent to kill him, but we see his other side in the Temple, when he drove out the money leaders who were perverting that sacred space. I see the same with our people, we should follow His example in our dealings with our Kinsmen, but also bear in mind that He has called us His “battle axe and weapons of war”, and that He may call upon us to defend His order and His creation.

  4. Taras says:

    You’re right about one thing, many white males do see their own country does not appreciate them. That’s why I think it’s crazy joining the military today, while they go off around the world making it safe for Jews and big corporations, our own borders are wide open to invaders who intend to kill us off or drive us out of our own land. In fact, a large number of white males sense this sick society wants them dead and buried, and therefore they naturally are not willing to fight for it. I’m not going to go out and kill and be killed for a nation whose ruling elites hate me. However, I will fight for my people and my family and let the Devil have the rest. Many of us have families to think about too, that is why I look at violence as a last resort best not forced upon white males. Some of us would show the non-whites why we conquered entire nations with huge populations through the use of relatively small, but well armed and ruthless armies. The only reasons worth fighting for are our families, our children and a future for them other than slavery or worse at the hands of non-white savages.

  5. tatiana campbell says:

    Christian never favorable to other races bible in fact tells you if you dont love your own people you is unbeliever. It is today adulterate Christian only pose as christian . Absence of love and will to fight for our own people there can be no accurate compassion and love of Christ. Christ is reserved for the worthy, . False chistain’s eliminate Jesus from the head of Church and change it with Jewish substitutions. Unnatrual blindness and the misdeed of them, it is expressed by modern churches. In bible Jesus racist on various circumstances. When he tell to Canaanite woman which asked to cure her baby it would be like cast childrens bread to dogs. Here by he tell to her she is dog, maybe anti christain feeling prefers to not examine bible. In the bible Jesus calls the Phariseers (jews) children of satan. St. Paul tell that he was willing to cut off from Christ for the sake of his kinsmen according to the flesh (his race). St. Paul tell that we are to care for own especially those of own household .The closer blood ties the GREAT the responsibility TO OUR RACE .

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