Fraudulent “Holocaust” Survivors

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Jews & "Israel"

A few weeks ago, 17 men were charged with stealing over $42 million from the Claims Conference, a New York organization that pays “reparations” to supposed Holocaust survivors. It is financed with German tax dollars, and almost all of the proceeds and payouts go to Jews who claim to have lived under German occupation. Six of those charged in the scam worked for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, and helped recruit fake Nazi victims to file at least 5,500 bogus applications over the course of 16 years, and one of the men charged is the former director of the Claims Conference. Prosecutors charge that the scammers falsified documents and made up fake histories and stories of torture and persecution under the Nazis in order to receive compensation from the fund. Many of the fake Holocaust survivors were born after WWII, and one was not even Jewish (apparently they only intended to pay out to Jewish Holohoax survivors, not the non-Jews who were in the same camps and supposedly subject to the same atrocities).

Although the Holocaust still remains a sacred cow to many, and questioning its veracity is punishable by fines and imprisonment in several countries, the revelation of over 5,000 more fake survivors shouldn’t come as  a surprise. there were less than 6 million Jews living in Europe outside the Soviet Union prior to 1940, then millions were supposedly killed off in death camps (most historians claim fewer than the  “6 million” that was the popular estimate for years, but claims are still in the millions), so where did they all come from? Going by the statistics for healthy (non-starved and non imprisoned) adults of the time period, the Jewish populations would have had to have tripled during the Holocaust to have produced the number of supposed survivors today, and this at a time where they were supposedly being exterminated in massive numbers.

Also, why are the survivors mainly Jews? If the Jews suffered the most, and were most likely to be killed, then why did allied soldiers find the work camps full of Russians, Gypsies, Communists, homosexuals, radical trade unionists, anti-Fascists? What of these survivors? Many of them were in bad condition, and most who did survive died soon after the war because of the affects disease and starvation due to allied bombing of food and supply trains into the camps, and yet they are silenced. Are we supposed to believe that more Jews survived the death camps than non-Jews survived the work camps. They must have been pretty pitiful “death camps”, then, when it seems like they produced some of the most prolific and long-lived people to have emerged from the war!

It is claimed that as many as 90% of people who claim to be Holocaust survivors and, with the numbers of supposed survivors increasing each year, I believe this is true. As those who did live through WWII are aging and dying off, the Holocaust still remains a huge money-maker, and I imagine more and more people will be found out to be frauds, making a living by leeching off “reparations funds”, writing false memoirs, and speaking to schools, churches, and other groups about their imaginary persecutions.

For quick reference, here are just a few more “Holocaust survivors” who have been proved to be liars & fakes:

  • Herman Rosenblat (& wife, Roma)- false memoir, Angel at the Fence, made into a novel, movie & children’s book as well, the novel published even after the Rosenblats admitted to making up the story
  • Misha Defonesca – false memoir, Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years
  • Binjamin Wilkomirski – false memoir, Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood
  • Rosemarie Pence – supposed Dauchau survivor & Olympian, book written about her, defrauded neighbors
  • Peter Loth – paid speaker, “minister”, ghostwritten memoir, Peace by Peace with false claims he was experimented on by Dr. Mengele (he was born at Stuttgart, would not have even met Mengele)
  • Laura Grabowski – author & “Christian” speaker, first cashed in as a “Satanic cult survivor”, reinvented herself under this name as a Jewish holocaust survivor, collected thousands in donations under these pretenses
  • Elie Wiesel – false memoir, Night, edited after 3 editions and 20 years to include new references to gas chambers
  • Otto Frank – published supposed diary of his daughter, parts were written in written in ballpoint pen (invented after WWII), presumably by Jewish author Meyer Levin, who was paid $50,000 by Otto Frank for the work
  1. Voir Dire says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m blown away. I love seeing more and more enlightened white women protesting this stealth campaign of destruction against OUR people by what I’ve dubbed this Menace-in-our-Midst.

    If so inclined, you can find my postings by googling “Voir Dire” + “Organized Jewry” “Zionists,” “Black-on-White crime,: “Vampires” “Media” “Business Insider,” “Warren Buffett,” “Tim Geithner” and so forth.

    I love you, my dear sister, in recognition of your obvious intelligence, passion and for fighting for that most worthy cause – the preservation of the greatest people to ever inhabit this planet.

    Perhaps we are destined to connect in this beautiful freedom forum of the blogosphere.

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