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One of the ladies I work with is trying to decide whether to homeschool her children or enroll them in public school. She’s a very solid Christian, and is careful who they are around, what shows they watch, etc, and cannot afford private school. One of the men keeps trying to talk her out of it. We’d talked before, and she was asking me to get some info on different curriculums for her [I don’t have children yet, but about half of my friends with school-age children teach them at home]. I told her I’d ask around, and congratulated her on her decision. Anti-homeschool guy said nothing.

A few hours later, he goes on break, and I overhear him in there for close to an hour trying to change her mind, and talking down about homeschoolers. It just makes me mad. He’s judging from a handful of families he knows at church, and he claims that they “have no social life outside of church” and are too “different” from other kids. He also says that it shelters them too much form bad, and they need to be around it in order to chooses good. He has a teen and a pre-teen daughter, so he’s not totally out of touch, but I really wonder if he knows how different public schools are now than when he went.

I graduated from public school in 2000, and have spent about 3 years working inside a maximum security prison. The two have a lot of similarities and, honestly, I feel safer in the prison than I felt in my school at many times [it was worse than a lot of public schools]. I don’t like the strict control over public schoolers that seems to punish independent thought, and I find the amount of violence and pressure to rebel against the teachings of their parents and their faith really scary. I don’t think someone wanting to expose their children to the world “so they can make a choice” can understand what it’s like for a girl to be ridiculed in 7th or 8th grade for not smoking [cigarettes or marijuana] or 9th or 10th grade for still being a virgin. I’d much rather let my children learn about the world at their own pace than thrust them into an environment where I wasn’t around to guide them and where the prevailing morality is so contrary to both Christianity and racial survival.

Yes, socialization is important, but public school isn’t the best place for it. Most of the day is spent sitting in a desk, with punishment for talking to other students in class, so only an hour or two, at much, is really spent socializing. A homeschooler who spends time on field trips, community activities, etc really spends more time with people, and learns to interact with all ages and groups in society, instead of just those their own age. They will see enough of the evil in the world just by living in it and maybe watching the news or discussing current events, without being cast headlong into it. If someone’s really all that concerned about it, they could drive them through the cities red light district or hang out in the local bar for a few hours – they’d be less tempted there, and possible even see less immorality, than they would in a week at most public high schools.