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I just finished listening to a short radio broadcast called Coldshot that’s put out by Nicole Nichols and company, over at Citizens Against Hate. I was going to leave my comments over at her blog, but the comments section on that entry has already spiraled into the normal assortment of snipes concerning Bill White, the NSM, Satanism, S&M, and giant penis suits. Good for entertainment, but I figure any response to the program would get lost among the more entertaining stuff [throw in a midget and Jeff Berry in a Klan robe & you’d have an episode of Jerry Springer]. Anyway, it sparked a few thoughts on something I thought I’d written my last piece on [used to get into discussions of this very thing on Stormfront every few weeks it seemed].

I usually don’t listen to programs like this online, because I’m on dialup and get stuck downloading then playing it back. This program was described as a discussion of racist & how they view women, the problem of domestic violence, and speaking openly and frankly to the female sector of the movement. I have been active in the movement for over 10 years, and have been pretty outspoken about the female part of the movement, and Nikki does seem intelligent and usually on target about what’s going on, so this program piqued my interest. I ended up being disappointed.

I hadn’t realized that the idea came from on of Hal Turner’s diatribes, because I don’t pay much attention to Turner, VonBluvens, White, and their ilk. I thought they were sort of like VNN or Harold Covington – most people who’ve been in the movement more than a few years, or are involved in more than the internet side of things know them for what they are and don’t give them much credence. Apparently, most’ve the comments and “thoughts” she was responding to came from this corner of the movement, so that could explain why it sounded pretty foreign to me- I can’t blame her for the content if that was all she had to work from.

One thing I noticed was that a lot of the criticism she had about the movement’s views on women are the same ones I hear in fundamentalist and conservative Christian groups. Actually, the movement tends to give women more credit and freedom than almost all fundamentalist and most evangelical groups. As a woman, I feel more “threatened” by the views on women presented by Dr. James Dobson than I do by those of Adolph Hitler – Hitler allowed exceptions without questioning their loyalty to the state, Dobson questions their very salvation and loyalty to God if they don’t follow along. A lot of Christian women’s groups are peddling these same ideas to other women, that feminism is evil, women should submit to men, women belong at home, etc. Most Christian women are following along, but you won’t see anybody encouraging those women to leave their men and their religion, because it isn’t yet popular to protest those groups.

On the other hand, the white nationalist movement did seem to endorse those ideas for a long time, but things have changed greatly in the last few years. There have always been at least a small portion of women in the movement who have participated on activist roles, but the conservative and Christian influence on most WN groups attracted women who felt more comfortable staying in the background and providing a supporting role – it wasn’t so much that men were keeping women in the kitchen as the women wanted to be there. Those who didn’t would feel more pressure from the other women than from the men if they wanted to take different roles – in my experience, most of the men are glad to see women stepping forward, while some women are resentful of it. No, there isn’t some big WN feminist revolution going on, but the thing I have seen in most groups is a willingness to let capable women take nontraditional roles, and to let families and couples work out their “roles” for themselves.

There aren’t a whole lot of female leaders out there, but the percentage of women in the overall movement is small, and most women know that we’d open ourselves up to attacks even more than the men would by assuming such a position – for all their rhetoric of equality, our opposition must still view us as the “weaker sex”, or they would not try to appeal to us first to get us to betray our comrades or use attacks on our appearance, sex life, or families to target our “emotional nature”. I know of a few women who are leaders at the state levels of their organizations, and many more who hold positions on local unit levels, not to mention those who are just rank and file members, on level with the male members. Most of us have found that it’s easier to take a position and do the job than to argue and debate why or whether or not a woman should be doing it – results beat arguments every time.

I do agree with Nikki that domestic violence is a problem, but I’ve seen a lot less of that in the movement than I have among coworkers and the military guys I knew back home. I’ve also seen, on more than one occasion, WN men step in to set a guy straight who was being abusive to a woman. One guy I know pretty much tells his crew member that if he ever finds out they hit their girlfriend or wife, they’ll get beat down – maybe extreme, but it seems to work. Most guys now realize they want a strong women, not someone who’s totally weak and submissive – those types tend to be open to all sorts of manipulation and are usually the sort you see who testify in court to bring down the whole group or leave their man, take the kids, and become anti-racists. Most guys I know want a women who has a backbone, because it takes one to survive. I do know several women who are stay-at-home mothers, by choice, and, by choice, let their men make most of the decisions – I’d still hate to be the one to cross them, because that takes more strength than most people know. Personally, we usually agree on the decisions, I work outside of the home in one of those “men’s jobs”, so he helps with the housework, and I love debating politics and have worked on a couple campaigns [thought about running for local office, but I don’t want to waste time and money to be shot down by evidence of “racism” provided by the antis.

I really don’t know of many men [outside of the VNN circle jerk] who think of women as less intelligent, subservient, stupid, etc. If anything, it’s the opposite – too many WN men set us up on some sort of a pedestal and seem to think we’re almost perfect – that gets tiring to live up to. Maybe they’re just not telling me, cause I’m a woman, but then again that would be a form of respect. I’ve sat around and debated movement issues, politics, theology, history, etc with a lot of movement men before, and I’ve always felt like my opinions were listened to and respected as much as the men’s were. Maybe it’s because I just said what I thought and did what I could, instead of trying to convert them all to feminist or egalitarian ideology first – I was seen as another racialist, not as a “female racialist”. Again, antis forget that when they try to look at us and classify us – we look at race and results, they want to analyze some sort of gender paradigm that, for the most part, is irrelevant to our cause.

I noticed the offer at the end of the broadcast to “contact us [Citizens Against Hate or One People’s Project] if you’re thinking about leaving the movement”. Why not provide info for those trying to get away from domestic violence instead, if that’s such an important issue. Or if it’s really OK for a woman to get beaten, as long as she remains loyal to our race? If not, then why is it OK for antiracist men to attack antiracist women, as ARA and other groups affiliated with Citizens Against Hate and One People’s Project have done?