Quality or Quantity?

Posted: July 16, 2007 in The "Movement"

There seems to be a trend to “soften up” both politics and racialism in order to win over more people. This is most obvious in things like Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” and the replacement of the old right “paleoconservatives” with the neo-Cons of today [what would’ve been called liberals, or worse, only a generation ago]. I guess some “leaders” still think that if they make the message warm and fuzzy enough, that they will win the hearts and minds of the majority. This will not work, because the majority has been brainwashed into having an almost pathological reaction against anything seen as racist, anti-Semitic, or intolerant. We may be able to reach the more intelligent of these people with logical and rational arguments, but we cannot hope to succeed through emotionalism, and any attempt to do so will only weaken and dilute our own position and make us more susceptible to infiltration by those who would destroy us.

The so-called values, beliefs, and morals of the American people are nothing more than what the media tells them and what they think the popular or socially accepted belief is. Unless we can somehow gain control of all the major media within the next 10 or so years, no amount of softening our image or kissing up to either the Jews, the neo-Cons, or the lemmings and their touchy-feely sensibilities is going to do any good. History is not made by compromise and surrender, but by those willing to fight for what is right and hold fast to their principles. The only way to get the majority of Americans to support us is for things to get bad enough for them to be forced out of their comfort zones. Then, and only then, they may realize that the current government and it’s multicultural policies will not take care of them. It won’t be a matter of hearts and minds, for the most part, if they do follow us, it will only occur if we appear to have the strength and resources to support them (ie, to take control) once the current system falls. This situation will probably not arise without a physical struggle.

I do not want to see my friends and family fighting, and probably dying, in any sort of war, but I realize that one is probably coming. I do not know if it will be in terms of race, class, or simply freedom-loving Americans who have had enough fighting back against their oppressors, but the current system cannot sustain itself for long, and the only “peaceful” solution I see is for us to lie down and die off quietly. If that is it the case, I’d rather be prepared to fight back, and I want to know that my “comrades” are also prepared to fight, not to compromise and surrender because they have been prepared to find “common ground” with our enemies. Let them try to wipe out the pure whites if they will, but I’ll be damned if I’ll help promote it among those who are supposed to be saving our race.

I would love to see a huge White Nationalist movement in this country, and worldwide, but we must not sacrifice quality for quantity. The people I see getting involved with the movement, and actually sticking around and being productive, see the threat from nonwhites and want to join a group that is willing to resist it, not one that will compromise and try to get along with our racial enemies. The mainstream conservative-type groups have destroyed themselves by softening their positions, and we racialists cannot afford to do the same. The Jews, mestizos, and blacks cannot be trusted in any offer of peace or friendship, because nothing is ever good enough. At best, they will use it to gain our trust and then attack from within, as they are already doing through those who sympathize with them and yet claim to support the interests of the white race.

We’re losing numbers too quickly to worry about doing things slowly and easily or bringing people in gradually. These will come to us when the situation gets bad enough that they need protection, or when they think we have the upper hand. For now, we need the people who are serious and willing to fight, and these will not be scared away by labels of “racist” and “anti-Semite” or by accusations of “hate” or “extremism”. We worry so much about being portrayed as a bunch of fanatics that we are alienating the people we need the most. If your website or group wants to run off the “name the Jew freaks” or the “militant fringe”, feel free to send them my way. I’d much rather stand with 10 “fanatics” than 100 fence sitters who who are terrified to say the word “Jew” and have to whisper and look around the room before whispering anything about their “dark-skinned neighbors”.

  1. I’ve only just found your website and have liked it so much so far that I’ve bookmarked the RSS feed, good job, please keep it up!

    Your post is straight to the point and very accurate, we can’t afford to compromise if we as a movement are to survive. The dumbest species in the world is one that will not recognise it’s enemies, or worse, will aid and abet it’s enemies in it’s own destruction. Any group claiming to be pro-White but is willing to compromise on the Jewish question, or ally with Muslims or blacks is either delusional or (hopefully not) infiltrated by the enemy.

    Like you said, no decent person would wish to see White people, especially those close to us, die in any racial war. However, we need to be prepared for this fact, it seems that many in our movement are crippling themselves and putting themselves in a position where they couldn’t fight back, some I wonder if they would even be willing to fight back!

    Keep posting, you have a great blog!


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