Race and The Media – Elias Abuelazam

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Jews & "Israel", News & Media, Non-White Violence

The media has been up in arms lately about a supposed white serial killer targeting black men around Flint Michigan, but has been predictably silent now that the killer has turned out to be a Jew. Elias Abuelezam, an Israeli citizen, was picked up at the Atlanta airport on his way to Tel Aviv. Had he been allowed on the flight, he could have taken advantage of an Israeli law prevents Israeli citizens from being extradited for crimes in other countries.  This law even extends to Jews who are not Israeli citizens and have never been to Israel, so long as the express a desire to settle there, and has been used by several Jewish criminals such as Samuel Sheinbein to escape prosecution in the United States and other countries. (one Jewish magazine’s coverage of this law) Of course, as soon as the news of the Israeli connection broke, the Jews and their lackeys were doing damage control, suggesting in the comments sections on various news sites that the suspect had to be an Arab or an “anti-semite out to make the Jews look bad” and, within a few hours, the Israeli references at many sites either disappeared or were amended to mention that Abuelezam as of Arab descent.

Another interesting point in this case is that Abuelazam was picked up by law enforcement at least twice in the past few weeks and then let go, even after police had found a knife and a hammer, both weapons described in the attacks, in his car. Police are claiming he slipped through the cracks because they had not yet connected the crimes in different states, but another may be that Abuelazam did not fit the profile they were looking for, with his dark complexion and Israeli citizenship, since news coverage has already mjade it clear they were looking for a “racist white male”. Comparing his actual photo to the police sketch of the suspect, one can see how the drawing makes him appear more like a white man:

Elias Abuelazam

As in the case of the DC Beltway sniper, where the media was promoting the idea of another white serial killer (the killer was black Muslim John Allen Muhammad, and a young black protege of his), the media seemed reluctant to release names and details once it turned out to be just more characteristic non-white violence.  Even now, the media is trying to present a sympathetic portrait of the killer, portraying him as a “gentle giant”, albeit one with a history of abusing his wife and daughter, and assaulting other family members, before going on the killing and stabbing spree. Of course, whites are portrayed as racist monsters if they so much as insult a person of another race but, now that we know this guy is not white, it’s time to start building sympathy for him and talking about what a nice guy he was. It’s also telling that the description changed from a “serial killer” to a “serial stabber” once it was revealed he was not white, and was an Israeli.

  1. Taras says:

    This guy has a look about him that should give whites pause, namely that of a very cold and sadistic person. Of course the media gone silent when he turned out to be a Jew, and from the police sketch I surmised he was very likely a non-white. They went silent because they cannot demonize whites when their pet non-whites turn out to be serial murders. The Talmudvison media are trying to convince non-whites that we are their mortal enemies ahead of their planned genocide against whites world wide. The next step is to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms and to defend ourselves from harm.

  2. Rastus says:

    Good article. Good fightin’ writin’ there, Angry White Female. More of you will be coming along. Yes, that Jewish serial killer is SCARY.

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