Some Ideas On Building Our Movement

Posted: August 21, 2006 in The "Movement"

This all comes from a questionnaire on a WP/Klan forum that I am on, so the answers are geared toward a Klan group, but I would think that most WP groups could benefit from asking themselves the same things. The answers here are just my views, and I’m sure there are a lot of good ideas and points that I missed, so any WP reading this can feel free to add them as comments. I’m just posting this here to help show some of my views on things in the movement, and maybe to give others some things to think about.

1. The average White person has a “bad” view of the Klan. How can we portray the truth?
We’re never going to reach the average White person without some type of media, because that’s all they pay attention to. In the past, this has been impossible, but we may be able to reach out some through the internet on blogs, podcasts, and sites like, since the Jews don’t totally control those yet. In the meantime, the best way to reach people is one on one. Once they know you’re a decent person and have some respect for you, they will see that not all Klansmen fit their negative stereotypes. We also need to be careful what we say and do in public or when cameras or the media are around, so we don’t feed into that “poor, uneducated, White trash” media image.

2. The average White American teenager is either a “wigger” or “clueless” to the future of their race. How can this be changed?
I think a portion of teens are already waking up, but most of the diehard wiggers are probably not worth the effort it’d take to save them, because they’d want to bring aspects of that culture into the movement [that’s how a lot of drug use has spread in some parts of the movement]. We can still reach out to the more normal ones, or those who have no real opinion on race by showing them how nonwhites are getting benefits over them, and how bad their future will be if it continues. It’s important to try and have people closer to their age tell them this and try and get them involved, because most teens nowadays won’t really trust or respond to older people.

3. Although, White youth are waking up and joining some White power groups, the majority of those join nazis, skinheads or aryan nations. Why ? Why not the Klan?
The Nazis and skinheads have focused on recruiting youth for a long time, while most people picture the Klan as being made up of older people. Also, most skinhead groups aren’t really organizations following a membership pattern, so you can join at any age, and teens get frustrated when they have to wait until they are 16 or 18 to become a full member of an organization. Also, a lot of teens get involved, in part, out of rebellion, and the Klan has a more stable image, in line with Christian and more traditional values, while the Nazi & skinhead groups come across as an easier place to vent pent up rage.

4. Attending a “White Pride Fest” sponsored by an Indiana based KKK group, there were very few White youth in attendance and only a couple teenagers. Why does the KKK not attract youth?
A lot of this has to do with the things I mentioned above. Also, it can be harder for youth to attend meetings and rallies. A lot of events are geared toward adults with their timing, and a lot of Klan groups tend to have meetings on school nights, when teens have trouble getting out of the house. It’s also less suspicious to parents if their kids are hanging out with other teens on weekends than with people outside their age group or school friends.

5. The stereotype of the klan is a bunch of trailer living White trash. This is not true. Although, there are many low income whites that are Klansmen, many are solid working americans. How does this stereotype change?
This sort of falls under the same category as your first question. The only real way to change it is by getting to know people one on one. Also, try to recruit people who are educated and middle class, and watch how you present yourself. A lot of people seem to “talk down” to seem more blue-collar and working class, and that feeds into the negative stereotypes more than it helps reach our own people.

6. Some White youth find “spook” or “spic” culture fun and lively. How can we promote a fun, lively White culture?
One of the main things is to let the youth take a main part in planning and coming up with events for their age group. Adults usually miss the mark in trying to reach teens because their image of what will be “cool” isn’t relevant or up-to-date with what the kids are really wanting. Promote ways for the youth to get together that have a big social component, instead of being 100% movement oriented – most teens are more into “hanging out” than just listening to speakers and things, which is why the skinheads have had so much luck recruiting through rock concerts and parties. One group near here used to have turkey shoots, and a lot of teenagers showed up for them.

7. The average White family is a “live and let live” kind of family. How can we awaken them to the truth?
Make it “hit home with them”. Most people don’t care about statistics or the future, but when they think about their daughter dating a nigger or their husband losing his job to hispanics, it gets their attention. Show them how nonwhites take advantage of whites once they become the majority in an area, and point out that if it’s fair for them to celebrate their culture that it should also be “fair” for us to celebrate and want to preserve ours.

8. Christian Identity is fastly seeping into many White power groups and the Klan. Why?
I’m CI, so I see this as a good thing. As for the reasons why, part of it is that one of the largest promoters of paganism among White power groups was Resistance Records, and they’ve lost much of their fanbase and influence, so there’s less circulation of music and magazines for youth which embrace Odinism or other pagan faiths. This is good, because Christians are gaining a lot of influence among our people that we had been losing. I think CI is becoming popular because many people are getting fed up with how most mainstream churches are selling out and weakening their doctrines, promoting pacifism, and embracing nonwhites and Jews. Identity comes across as a purer and more pro-active form of Christianity, one that doesn’t compromise or water down its message.

9. Illegal Immigration is a big issue in some places. How do we “tap” into this sentiment to raise the conscience of whites and to get new members?
This is a good place to start with people, because there is less stigma in being anti-immigration than in being racist. Looking at the more “radical” members of these groups, we can find those who see it as a racial issue and would be likely to join the Klan or similar groups. One big thing we can do is use it to show the results of a “live and let live” society, and how it proves that all cultures and races are not equal. If we can get them to admit that one major problem with immigration is that it changes the culture and racial makeup of our country, then it’s just a small step for them to admit that some cultures and races are better than others and should not mix together.

10. What can we as the ***KKK do to promote our mission and vision, recruit new members and get our youth active?
Make the issues you address relevant to the people you’re trying to recruit. Don’t use the exact same slogans or pamphlets from the 60s or even the 80s, but hit on immigration, terrorism, and things that people think about now. Use local issues and news stories to make a point whenever you can. Reach out to those around you – you’ll have more luck in a local community than just using the internet and hoping somebody nearby will just stumble onto your site. Let the youth [and women, for that matter] take an active part in planning and doing things, let them speak at rallies or events, maybe even let some of the older teens help with security, don’t make them just feel like an auxiliary group or like they are just tagging along behind the older members.

11. Why Are You A Klansmen? If your not, Why Are You In The White Power Arena?
I still consider myself a Klanswoman, but I am no longer a member of any group. I joined the Klan because they were the best, active, group around at the time, and because it’s sort of a family tradition [4 generations on my side, and 2 on my husband’s side], and has a much richer heritage and tradition behind it than any other group around. I also joined because the Klan is a Christian organization, and I was getting tired of the Christian bashing in other groups I was involved with. I am involved in the White power “arena” because I grew up surrounded by muds, and I know the type of world they will create. I want better for my nephews and my future children, and I’d rather fight for them than leave it to them to fight.


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